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We are officially open from Memorial Day weekend through Columbus Day weekend.

Yes. Breezeline, Comcast, and Consolidated Communications all have lines run in our campground. You are responsible for service.

Eversource is the service provider. You will setup service directly with them and will be responsible for service.

Yes we rent boat docks only to our seasonal residents. There is a waiting list. If you buy a unit at Resort on the Bay you can be put on the waiting list.

It will start with contacting the owner directly. If you are able to agree on a price you will need to fill out our application so we can conduct a comprehensive background check. If the background check meets our requirements, we will scheduled an in-person interview. There is an application fee.

Yes as long as you are here. We have a guest registry that needs to be filled our prior to the arrival of your guest.

It is extremely rare that we will have an open site.

We are a family friendly campground. Family values are extremely important to us. We have rules and regulations which we expect everyone will respect.

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